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Ladies Who Travel At Night-Take Heed!

1. Don't ever let yourself be caught between two cars. Car jackers often work in pairs, attempting to corner your vehicle.

2. Don't ever pull off the road at night by yourself in a dark, unpopulated place.

3. Carry a cell phone!

4. Stay calm. Don't try any tricks. If you are in an accident, you are vulnerable.

5. Remember that most criminals want easy victims...DON'T LET YOURSELF BECOME ONE!!!

6. Make sure you find out how to react BEFORE you are in the situation!  These situations are unfortunately real and dangerous. Thinking about it When it happens is too late!

7. ALWAYS make sure you do not stop until you are CERTAIN that help is present (i.e., even if you are in a slight accident, head straight for the police station, and don't stop until you are there. Car jackers often slightly damage vehicles by bumping them from the rear to try to get the driver to get out.)


Roadway Violence Do's & Don'ts

DO NOT make angry gestures at erratic drivers - Avoid them.

DO NOT escalate car-to-car arguments by responding to obscene gestures.

AVOID eye contact with drivers who appear to be angry with you.

GIVE IN to other drivers - even if they are wrong - avoid a confrontation.

If the driver shows a gun, contact Police and try to offer a vehicle and motorist description. OBTAIN A TAG NUMBER.

DON'T carry a handgun in your vehicle because escalation of violence may result.


Parking Lot Safety Guide

As public awareness of parking lot crime grows, so does the concern about personal safety. For instance, have you ever walked through a public parking lot alone at night? Do you forget to have your keys out when you approach your vehicle? If so, you could become a victim.


What can happen if we are not careful is something most of us do not like to think about. Some parking lots are more dangerous than others, but any can be hazardous. Parking lots are prime locations for crime because they are large and often unguarded. Many lots have insufficient lighting. Not only that, but parking lots are isolated from the buildings for which they are constructed. There are no groups of people around as there are inside a mall. The potential victim is by and large alone and in a wide-open area where someone could easily accost them.

Furthermore, many of us tend to be distracted in parking lots. While at a mall or grocery store for example, shoppers are thinking about the shopping they need to do or the purchases they have made. As they walk back to their cars, they are loaded down with packages and struggling to find the car keys. This distraction makes them easy targets of crime.

Surprisingly, city streets may in some ways be safer than suburban parking lots. The streets are busier than parking lots and there is not the informal surveillance found on city streets. In parking lots, it is harder to get help if you are attacked.

For the criminals, parking lots are the ideal locations to commit crimes. They can hide behind automobiles and pick out their victims. Since parking lots are often located near interstate highways, they are perfect for quick getaways.

The best way to ensure that you will not be the victim of a parking lot crime is to keep yourself from being an easy target. Most people tend to become careless and complacent about safety. We think crime won't happen to us, but you have to be prepared and take precautions.



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