The choice of locks and doors go hand-in-hand. A high security lock on a wood hollow core door, or the opposite is money, time, and effort wasted. Such combinations give a very false sense of security and provide little to no security at all.

Types of Doors

Important Make sure your new doors are steel-edged (rather than wood-edged) as these doors offer much more security.

There are plenty of accents available to help fully customize your entryway to your needs and desires.

Note When choosing a new door consider the security cons of certain accents. While a design might be aesthetically pleasing, it could be detrimental to properly securing your new home


 Security Lock Terms.

Dead latch
A dead latch has two bolts - a main spring operated bolt and a smaller auxiliary bolt. The small bolt triggers the main bolt to automatically enter the dead latch position. When you go out, you simply close the door behind you - you don't need to use your key to lock the door.

Dead lock
Dead locks can only be operated by key from outside and by turn knob on the inside. Unlike a dead latch there is no automatic locking. This means that unless you lose the key, you cannot lock yourself out.

Dead bolt
Double cylinder dead bolts have a single bolt that connects to the strike plate in the door frame. They are opened by a key from both the outside and the inside. Dead bolts are often used as an auxiliary lock for added security if the existing lock is a Key-in-Knob lock.

Night latch
A night latch is spring operated latch that can be opened using a key outside and the turn knob inside. Some night latches have a nip that allows you to use the hold back feature when you are inside your home.

A keyed alike system allows you to use a single key for a number of locks - one key for your door locks and another for your window locks.

Positive Dead locking
By turning the key you drive the bolt to either the locked or unlocked position. Positive deadlocking guarantees the lock is deadlocked overtime.

Back set
If you are installing a door lock yourself, you will need to know about a lock's back set. It is the horizontal distance from the edge of the door to centre line of the inside or outside cylinder.

Surface Mounted and Mortise Locks
A surface mounted lock means that the locking mechanism is fixed to the surface of the door. The screws that fix the lock to the door can be either visible or concealed, depending on the type of lock installed. Most domestic door locks are surface mounted locks. A mortise is the opening made in the edge of the door that the locking mechanism fits into. Mortise locks are most often installed on sliding patio doors or security doors.

A rebate is the step that is cut out from the edge of the door or the door frame. Rebates are used to ensure the door seals properly when closed, the lock works for cosmetic reasons. Rebates are generally used on double doors or french doors.

Face or Side Fixing
Many security locks can be installed on either the face or side of the window frame.

Face fixing means that the screws that fix the lock to the window are 90° to the sash.
Side fixing means the screws are parallel to the sash.

One Way Screws
If your customers are planning to install window locks themselves, you should advise that the most locks are supplied with both conventional and security, one way screws. These screws are specifically manufactured and have specially shaped heads that can't be removed by conventional screwdrivers. All window locks should be installed and tested by using the normal screws and then when they are working effectively, these screws should be replaced with the one-way screws for added security. The lock is then permanent and can't be removed with a standard screwdriver.


"Dead Bolt Locks" are advocated for all exterior doors ( see definition ).   The effect of a dead bolt lock is that if a criminal does manage to get into your home or business, they won't be able to just open the front or back door and walk out with your property, because they won't be able to unlock the door without they key!

For homeowners on the hunt for the best lock to protect their home, the following breakdown will certainly come in handy.

Passage Lockset

Privacy Lockset

Dummy Knob

Entry Lockset

Deadbolt Lock

Surface-Mounted Deadbolt

Mortise Lock

Night Latch

Keyless Entry System


 Dead bolts, Deadlocks and Door locks
Dead latches 

Automatic Dead latch - with Safety Release 

The market leader in automatic dead latches,  offers far more security than any comparable dead latch on the market. Suitable for front and back external doors. 

Opened by key outside at all times and by turn knob inside, when unlocked by key. Key on inside unlocks or locks turn knob. 

The new safety release feature means that the inside turn knob is automatically unlocked when you open the door from the outside.   Convenient key and knob hold back feature.   Stainless steel bolt with automatic dead latching resists bolt cutting Tough metal case and concealed fixing at 6 points - provides added strength and security.   Door frame strengthener helps prevent timber door frames from splitting under attack.   Can be keyed alike to other Lockwood door locks - for one key convenience. 
Designed and manufactured in Australia and backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.  



Dead locks 
Security Dead lock 

Dead lock - Attractive, surface mounted top security dead locks, ideal for most sliding and hinged doors in either the home or the work place. 

Locked or unlocked by key outside at all times and by turn knob inside,  
when unlocked by key. Key inside locks or unlocks turn knob. 

Double cylinder for double security. 
Positive deadlocking at all times - key cannot be removed unless bolt is fully  
deadlocked or unlocked. Turn knob features clutching device to resist wrench attack. 
Turn knob interlocked in case to resist hammer attack. Steel bolt and strike assembly. 
Concealed fixing - theft has no access to fixing screws when door is locked. 
Universal strike supplied as standard strike in pack and is suitable for all applications;  
Hinged, sliding and double doors opening in or out, with timber or metal jambs. 
Can be keyed like to other Lockwood door locks for one key convenience. 


Dead bolts 
Tubular Deadbolt 

Ideal second lock for front or back doors where existing key in knob locks, with little security, are already fitted. 

Locked or unlocked by key from inside or outside at all times. 

Double cylinder for double security. 
Positive deadlocking at all times - key cannot be removed unless door is fully deadlocked or unlocked. 
Turn knob features clutching device to resist wrench attack.. 
Concealed screw fitting - no access to screws when door is closed. 
Under wrench attack, outside rose freely rotates ensuring bolt cannot be withdrawn. 
Suitable for timber doors 35 mm - 50 mm thick. 
Hardened steel roller in bolt resists cutting. 
Can be keyed alike to other door locks for one key convenience. 



Patio Bolts 
Patio Door Bolt 

Ideal for most sliding aluminium and timber patio doors as well as hinged doors. 

Bolt locked or unlocked by key from inside only - manual bolt operation. 

Tough, 10 mm thick steel bolt. 
Installed with one-way fixing screws - cannot be removed with conventional screwdriver. 
For ease of installation across a large door frame requirements, this lock is supplied with a standard, heavy duty strike plate. 
The door can be partly open for ventilation. 
Can be keyed alike to other door locks for one key convenience. 
The door is only locked when the key is removed from the locking mechanism. 

Tubular Lock sets 

Designed to be as affordable as it is attractive, this range is ideal for the new home buyer's and renovator's market, and is perfect for tradespeople who take pride in the standard of their work. 

The range is available in key-knob lock sets, deadbeats, entrance handle sets, sliding door sets, panic proof locks and all the necessary trims and accessories. 

Unlike other brands, the range can also be keyed alike to the existing range of Lockwood security products. In fact, the entire  Security range complements this range beautifully. 

What's more, every product comes with a guarantee. 

Use the standard  key way. It can be keyed alike o the existing range of Lockwood security products. 
Matches your current key - if you have existing products or thinking  
of adding extra security products later. 
Easy to install - detail mounting instructions inside each set. 
Three keys in every pack 
Four separate style options 
Five finishes are available to suit any decor. 
easy to access the cylinder for re-keying purposes. 
Construction keying on request. 






 Unfortunately windows are a favourite method for breaking into homes and businesses.   Usually the locks are flimsy and easy to manipulate or force.   The criminals will chose a window at the side or rear of the premises out of sight and go to work.   It is rare for the glass to be broken as this makes too much noise and can attract neighbours.   By using good quality window-locks on ALL windows, that can only be opened using a key you increase your security to a level recommended by the The Neighbourhood Watch Association and the SA Police.
Sliding Window Keyed Push lock 


Suits most aluminium sliding windows. 

Push button locking, key unlocks bolt. 

Can be face or side mounted. 
Easy to install. 
One way security screws. 
Bonus bolt hole drill, drill guide and anti lift device. 
Available keyed alike for one key convenience. 
Windows can be locked open for ventilation 
packs of four or single packs. 
Push button convenience.

Window Security Bolts 

Suits timber framed awning, sliding, double hung (sash)  
or casement windows. 

Key locks and unlocks bolt. 

Hardened steel locking bolt. 
Thief deterrent, one way screws included in pack. 
Available keyed alike for one key convenience. 
Various finishes available. 
Also in economical packs of 4 all operated by the single key. 

Keyed Window Locks 

Suits most awning windows with or without fly screens, ideal  
alongside non lockable window winders or simple catches. 

Push button locking, key unlocks. 


Easy to install. 
one way security screen. 
Available keyed alike for one key convenience 
Windows can be locked open for ventilation. 
Packs of four or single packs. 

Lockable Window Winders 

Suits timber and awning type windows. 

Locked and unlocked by key. 

Thief deterrent, one way screws included in pack. 
Can be locked with window partly open for ventilation. 
When locked by key, handle is disengaged and rotates freely 
                 - will not operate the winder. 
Available keyed alike for one key convenience.  



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