Emergency Numbers

Police, Fire, Medical 911
Highway Patrol 693-4141
Duke Power 1-800-769-3766
BellSouth Phone 611
PSNC Energy (natural gas) 1-877-776-2427
City Water & Sewer 697-3052
MediaCom  1-800-289-3380


The abuse of the 911 emergency number has been so pervasive, it is now a state misdemeanor to dial 911 unless there is a police, fire or medical emergency where there is an immediate threat to life or property.

911 is often dialed as though it were an information center. People request numbers for various city services, to report lost dogs, to request trash pick-up, to report stolen cars or break-ins which have already occurred so no immediate threat exists.  One of the most flagrant abuses is perpetrated by children. As a joke, they dial 911 and report imaginary emergencies.

All the above abuses mean that someone in dire trouble, i.e., a heart attack victim or a shooting victim, cannot get through for help

It is important that every parent talk to their children about the correct usage of 911 and explain the consequences of abusing the line. It is mostly older children, who know better, who are "having fun" with the system. Your own child could be one of the many guilty of this misdemeanor.

The 911 system automatically records all incoming calls together with the phone number and address of the caller. If you should dial 911 in error, remain on the line and advise the dispatcher; 911 hang-ups get a response by a police patrol car.

When reporting a legitimate emergency, remember to stay calm and be prepared to answer the dispatcher's questions about the type of emergency, the location of the emergency, and the description of any suspects.

Please note that 911 calls from cell phones are handled by the Highway Patrol regardless of the caller's location.

911 is the Emergency Line. 411 is the Information Line.