Community Safety

There is a lot you can do outside your home and family to prevent crime. There is action you can take either by getting together with other people, or by incorporating crime prevention awareness into your work or leisure activities. Not everyone will want to take the lead - being an active supporter is important too. There are lots of ways in which you can be involved, some of them are shown here.

Consumer power and crime prevention
Many products and services supplied by companies are designed or provided with little or no regard being paid to crime prevention. An effective way to make them think again is to take into account the possible crime implications when you decide to buy any product or service. If you have a choice between two similar products, but one has security designed into it and the other hasn’t, buy the one which has. If enough people do the same, the other manufacturer will soon redesign its product. Areas in which a crime-conscious consumer could exert effective influence include:

Meeting Places
Many communities have a community club house where residents can get together.  Other than the model homes and swimming pool, we do not have such a place.   This does not mean that there are not any places we can meet to conduct community business.  There are local churches, schools, the  town hall, and the library. 

Schools can tell their pupils about crime prevention. They can also take part in or organize crime prevention projects. Schools can make their facilities available outside school hours too, for example, voluntary groups working with young people.

Crime Prevention Officers
Crime Prevention Officers are full-time policemen and policewomen whose responsibilities also include giving advice on crime prevention.  They are willing to meet with your groups.